SpanDroid : Android @ Sparc

Open Source Telecoms needs to be Open Source to its Core (literally so!).

Thus from the handset perspective, Android is the open source Linux based handset OS. I am a proud owner of both commercial as well as development version of the Android phone. I have HTC Magic as well as OpenMoko Freerunner A6 (on which I have installed Android). Recently, Moto also launched an Android based smartphone in USA with T-Mobile.

The idea is to port Android on OpenSparc and extract the minimum feature set required from Sprac to get the Android running. This can be done using QEmu. The Android SDK also uses Qemu for emulation. Once that is done, the OpenSpac then could be cut out and compiled into a FPGA say IGLOO. The latest ARM Cortex M1 is also designed for FPGA and already runs on IGLOO.

OpenSparc has been designed for FPGA implementation.


 Milestone 0:

Port Android to Sparc using Qemu emulation

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