Google Wave as a Social CRM (Customer Relation Management) Channel

Companies use multiple channels like SMS, Email, direct contact to engage with their customers. Google Wave present yet another opportunity to engage with a social twist.

Say for example I am an Airtel customer and Airtel lets me know, through advertisement channel or any other personalized communication, that I can engage with them on google Wave.

They tell me that I can add as a friend. When I add, its actually a robot. It checks the backend CRM application say Oracle CRM and finds out that I have registered this email (through which i have added 121 as a friend) for mobile, broadband and IPTV services. Now it can send me payment reminders, confirmations and offers as private conversation.

Also, some generic offers can be sent as common wavelets. Also, since it knows my social network, through my call records (CDR) it can also introduce me to my friends. Also, I can introduce 121 to my friends who may be customers of other network say Idea. The Idea customer, who accept as a friend may receive spacial offer to switch! 

I could also send standard requests and complaints through this bot either through a gadget or through plain English. say, I want to report a spam, I type to 121 : 011-12345678 spamed me. It may recognize the simple sentence and log a spam complaint and send me back a reference number and later let me know what action was taken.

However, if I say: "please change my plan" then it may transfer the information to a real person who may then converse with me using the same thread. This would provide a seamless customer relation interface as well as the context may be preserved through playback feature, so that I do not have to explain the whole storyline every time I want to know the status of my request.

Thus Google Wave has a potential use in Social CRM.